The Issue

The Real Cause of Neck Pain

Forward Head Posture

Forward Head Posture, also known as “Text Neck” and FHP, is becoming an epidemic problem that causes neck pain, cervical arthritis, disc herniations, headaches, arm and shoulder pain, lower lumbar disc and joint pathology, and upper extremity radiculitis. The vertebral artery is also compromised by loss of cervical lordosis which leads to decreased arterial hemodynamics. The cervical lordosis or normal neck curve is adversely affected when the human head projects forward of the shoulders.

According to research published by Kenneth Hansraj M.D., in the National Library of Medicine and Surgical Technology International, the human head weighs approximately 12 pounds. However, when the head and the neck projects forward and bends downward, the relative head weight can increase incrementally up to 60 pounds. This is like having a 60 pound child on your neck and shoulders for several hours a day. Over time this causes abnormal chronic stretching of muscles, ligaments, and discs resulting in plastic deformations and chronic neck pain as well as the aforementioned pathologies.

According to Dr. Hansraj, billions of smart phone users spend an average of 2 to 4 hours per day with their heads forward reading emails, text messages, and using lap tops at work. This physical strain on the neck is cumulative, and can lead to joint pathology that may eventually require surgical intervention. “More than thirty percent of people suffer from neck pain each year” (US News World Report).

Once the chronic symptoms of FHP have developed, the condition generally described as neck pain needs to be addressed. Aside from pain medication, a new pain and pathology mitigation device has been developed to simultaneously correct Forward Head Posture and improve cervical lordosis.

The device is a neck collar that is worn by the patient or individual for a minimum of 20 minutes per day to hours/day. if desired. Longer times of use can be tolerated because the collar has a user-controlled setting for comfort. The collar can be adjusted using the two knobs/track handle until the head is approximately over the shoulders. This can be done incrementally over several weeks to accommodate severe pain starting points while moving the head rearward gradually to a more normal position. Older patients with arthritis or patients with joint and disc pathology may want the more gradual approach. These patients will be guided by a physician, chiropractor, or physical therapist.

Neck Pain

  • Neck pain is the fourth leading cause of years lost to disability.
  • Annual prevalence rate = 30%
  • 50% of sufferers do not find relief from other therapies
  • 15% of the work force suffers from neck pain.

Cervical Curve

  • Designed to allow the cervical spine to compress and expand to absorb the weight of the skull.
  • Allows flexibility between the vertebrae to allow normal head movement.
  • Optimal Cervical Lordosis is 31 to 45 degrees.
  • The human cervical curve should be a smooth arc curving in a forward direction.

Just 20 Minutes a Day Corrects the Issue
Introducing the Cervigard FHP Neck Collar

Developed for patients with severe neck pain, the Cervigard FHP Collar corrects malpositioned cranium that’s caused by looking down at your work or cell phone. Our collar provides one, definitive treatment plan - instead of buying all these accessories for your workspace that do not treat the actual issue.