30% of US Workers
Suffer From Neck Pain

Cervigard works when other therapies do not

Text Neck Adds 60lbs
of Weight to Your Neck

CERVIGARD Works to correct the issue.


Spinal Bracing
Just 20 Min A Day Corrects The Issue
Introducing the Cervigard FHP Neck Collar

Developed for patients with severe neck pain, the Cervigard FHP Collar corrects malpositioned cranium that’s caused by looking down at your work or cell phone. Our collar provides one, definitive treatment plan - instead of buying all these accessories for your workspace that do not treat the actual issue.

How Cervigard™ Can Help With Forward Head Posture

Poor postural habits, auto accidents, or sports injuries can affect the quality of your life. Learn how Cervigard can help with pain by restoring your neck's curve.