Costs of Work-Related Neck Pain

Costs of Work-Related Neck Pain

Employers who seek to address workplace-related neck pain have adopted a practice of configuring the environment to try to mitigate neck pain. While these measures can be helpful and may be necessary, they are often not effective.

Workplace changes such as modified workplace furniture, adjustable chairs, and classes for stress management produce variable results. Even worse, the costs are high without knowing whether these measures will address the problem.

The table below shows some of the measures that attempt to address neck pain. As you can see, the costs are highly variable. When considered for each employee, these costs can accumulate quickly and, as noted, the results are highly variable.

Method Typical Cost
Electric sit-to-stand desk
Standing desk converter
Standing desk mat 
Computer monitor mount 
Adjustable office chair
Stress management classes

By contrast, the Cervigard FHP Neck Collar is much lower cost and has been demonstrated to relieve neck pain when used as directed by a healthcare professional. This collar can be used in one, definitive treatment plan that gives known results. In addition, the cost is fixed and not recurring.