September 2021

Female age in mid-20’s with complex symptom profile since early childhood.

Currently suffers from daily bouts of vertigo, headaches, nausea, and ear pain, all experienced simultaneously. In addition has low back pain, right shoulder and arm pain daily. She reports all symptoms at level 7 pain index.

Examination reveals FHP with loss of cervical lordosis and lumbar scoliosis.

She received one lumbar correction traction to her scoliotic deformity and two global spinal mirror image CBP adjustments. She was fitted with a Cervigard FHP collar and returned to her home in Pittsburg, PA.

She is being treated remotely via phone and text. One week after initial treatment the patient reports the following:

Headache pain index was 7 now 3
Vertigo pain index was 7 now 3
Nausea pain index was 7 now 2
Blurred vision was 7 now 0
Ear pain index was 7 now 6
Spine pain index was 7 now 0
Shoulder pain index was 7 now 5
We have instructed her not to seek out other treatment and just use the FHP correction collar for 6 weeks. Afterward she will continue with a local Chiropractor with spinal biophysics training to treat and monitor remaining spine issues.

We will continue to receive weekly text reports to consult and monitor her progress. These texts will also document for our records.

We believe this forward head translation with loss of cervical lordosis is a serious under appreciated condition that has disabling structural and neuro-vascular consequences. These effects are caused by a stretching force on both the neural tissues and vertebral arteries that are both relieved as the head is re-positioned by the FHP collar over the shoulders.