October 2021

Emily presented with significant FHP and thoracic kyphosis. Her chief complaint was TMJ pain and persistent headache from it. She has equilibrium problems and nausea along with low lumbar pain. Her pain index for the TMJ was an 8 on the pain index scale, along with the headache, and her lower back and shoulder pain was at level 5. Her TMJ specialist evaluated her and found no clinical findings regarding TMJ pathology.

Five weeks into care, she has been seen 3 times per week and wearing the collar after each spinal adjustment. Her Cervigard collar was adjusted once to increase lordosis support with the fulcrum being advanced approximately a half inch. Her TMJ pain of 5 years is gone and her headaches are at pain level 2 and no longer a daily occurrence. Emily’s neck disability index is at 4 and she denies any nausea.

Doctors should note that it takes several weeks to remodel and realign paraspinal connective tissues. Gradual increase pressure on both head correction and cervical lordosis allows for a comfortable treatment process over the program of care.