November 2021

Male 30 years old seeks help with his posture. He presents with significant Forward Head Posture (FHP), thoracic kyphosis and rotation.

Neck and shoulder pain at pain index #7
Parenthesis in both hands is moderate and intermittent
Low back pain at pain index #3

The theme of this month’s case is to reveal how FHP will affect the entire posture of the patient. Please follow the analysis of the photos below which show the patients posture as well as his X-rays both neutral lateral and his correction potential X-ray with the collar on.

Patient has right rotation of upper half of his body. Note right arm posterior of left arm. Also, you see more of his left ear than his right indicating head rotation along with his thorax.

In the left figure above, FHP is clearly visible. Note his shirt at waist level is away from his pant at gluteal level. This is caused by posterior thorax and flexed pelvis both caused by the dominant forward head position.

Note that after being fit with the Cervigard collar (right picture above) his FHP is now in normal alignment with his shoulders. His posterior thorax is gone and his shirt now drops normally at his waist over gluteal area. This demonstrates that lower subluxation permutations (below the neck) are adversely affected by forward head translations. After our spinal adjustments and posture corrections, we apply the Cervigard collar as part of the treatment protocol for 15 to 20 minutes to maximize the total correction.

Left view above is static posture. Note loss of C Spine lordosis and the rear head translation measurement of 21.41 mm. In comparison with the correction potential X-ray on the right (wearing the FHP collar), the FHP has improved by 45mm. Cervical lordosis is now present. Patient will receive in-office care for 8 weeks and will have x-rays taken to measure permanent corrections made and to see if any other areas of his lordosis require collar fulcrum adjustment. All patients are encouraged to use the Cervigard collar daily as soon as possible to achieve best results.