August 2021

Female in her 50’s. She has been diagnosed with chronic Ménière’s disease. Her symptom profile is chronic daily headaches with persistent equilibrium issues. Neck pain and low back pain at level 6 pain index. Diffuse pain on the right side of her body with weakness in upper and lower extremities. Cramping in both hands but more on the right side. Patient presents with severe Forward Head Posture both in appearance and X-ray analysis. She began treatment with FHP collar first week of August 2021.
FHP with associated cervical spine straightening is associated with both neurological and vascular clinical complications. The vertebral artery can be occluded at various locations along the cervical spine in a straightened neck curve. The upper cervical spine can initiate both neuromuscular (via Rectus Capitus posterior minor muscle) and misalignment caused by forward head translation.
Note the correction potential X-ray aligns her head and neck while improving the C Spine lordosis. The occipital-Atlas space is opened.